Mango taste so good that people forget they are also healthy! Discover how the “king of fruits” can help you, plus why monkeys eat mango seeds and a few mango cautions and concerns.

  1. It improves digestion
  2. Helps fight heat stroke
  3. Boosts the immune systems
  4. It improves eye health
  5. Help clears clogged pores and eliminate pimples
  6. It lowers cholesterol
  7. It prevents cancer
  8. It alkalizes the whole body
  9. May help prevent diabetes

Nutrition by the Numbers

One cup (225 grams contain) contains the following. Percentages apply to daily value.

105 calories

76 percent vitamin C (antioxidant and immune booster)

25 percent vitamin A (antioxidant and vision)

11 percent vitamin B6 plus other B vitamins (hormone production in brain and heart disease prevention)

9 percent healthy probiotic fiber

9 percent copper (copper is a co-factor for many vital enzymes plus production of red blood cells)

7 percent potassium (to balance out our high sodium intake)

4 percent magnesium.

Feed well, for God is interested in your healthy living…