About the church

The lord gave an instruction to the pioneer president in person of PROF. O.J OLUKUNLE, about 30years ago that he was about to raise an army, a church and a special fellowship. He wanted us to be special, holy, obedient and very forthcoming. Though these years has been challenging but God has always been true to his word. God has shown his faithfulness towards us by fulfilling His plan, making the products of RCFFUTA a source of illumination in various aspect of life.

Today, by the grace of God, RCFFUTA is waxing stronger and is SHINING AS LIGHT first to our community (FUTA Ondo state) then to the rest of the world.

Know us better

  • To understand Jesus as the true light and walk in his light. Luke 2:32, Luke 1:79, John 1:9, John 12:35, 1 John 2:8
  • To love God with all our hearts, with all our soul and with all our might and also love one another. 1 John 2:10, Matt 22:37-39, Heb 13:1, Matt 6:33, James 2:8,1 Cor 13:1-7
  • To see the children of God come to spiritual maturity, hence taking responsibility as lamps of the Lord shining brightly everywhere and in every aspect of life (physically, morally, academically e.t.c). Eph 4:13, Prov 20:27, Matt 5:14-16, Matt 28:19-20.
  • We shall seek the revelational knowledge of Jesus as the true light via the word and daily following his perception, living in his power and growing in his grace. Eph 3:3-4, 1 cor 15:31, Matt 28: 18, John 8:12
  • We shall obey God’s commandment of love (towards God and one another) through the help of the Holy Spirit. Matt 22:37- 39, John 13:34-35, John 4:34
  • We shall give ourselves to power, vision of God’s word, aggressive evangelism and follow up with  the help of the Holy Spirit. Acts 6:4, John 15:16, Jer 33:3, Matt 28:19-20, Eph 1:7
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