Castles in the Air

Castles in the Air

June 5, 2018, Author: RCF Media

“We will need you to come over to our office, I am texting you the address ” the voice on the phone said. Alex stood up as he dropped the phone, not bothering to find out why the company had a male receptionist, he saw the text and he dressed hastily as he scribbled a note for his roomie on a sticky note which he pasted at the back of the door and into the afternoon sun he moved.

“Alagbaka” Alex bellowed at the oncoming taxi as he flagged the car down, he was soon humming along to the tune of perfect as the car cruised along the paved road.

He whistled, his was a well-planned scheme, ever since he met his contact on Facebook, he has invested steadily into this scheme and today was pay day. “I am going to surprise fash” he thought as the music blared in his ear, he began to make a mental list of all the things he was going to get with the money, a whooping three hundred thousand naira.

He alighted from the cab and paid the driver, he left him a handsome tip of a hundred and fifty naira too, he checked his phone again as he moved towards the address he was given. All he saw after a ten minutes’ walk was a closed street, he dialed the contact number but it was switched off, he decided to call the company number. After two rings, someone answered. “Na who dey there” the voice brashly said. “It’s Alex Maduka, am supposed to come to your office to get a cash receipt of three hundred thousand sir” Alex calmly said. “Na your papa give us money ni, abi you be mumu ni” the voice continued its assault. “But i deposited thirty thousand naira last month” Alex said in a panicky voice, he was losing it, his head was swooning, he couldn’t focus on his steps. “You be mumu joor, dey don scam you o” the voice said with a hint of canned laughter.

When Alex came to, he was lying on a bed, he couldn’t process the environment properly until he saw it, a pang of pain seared into him as his head throbbed. Fashola face swam into focus and Alex could see that he was sweating and praying, in that instant all of the schemes he had pulled in a bid to surprise Fash, he could only burst into tears, bitterly they flowed as they form fountains and found their path down his face, in that instant he knew it was all castles in the air.

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