Dear Sir/Ma

Good day to you sir/ma. We are grateful to God for the good and wonderful things He has been doing in your lives/family, how well your business has been thriving and the ministry committed into your care. We pray His grace shall continue to uphold you still in all endeavors.
Our heartfelt appreciation to you for your support in time past towards this great house where kings and queens have been made and are been made.
The above named fellowship has assiduously deemed it fit to seek for your support, both in cash and in kind as we believe that we are incapacitated to accomplish the great task before us. It has been a serious concern to the fellowship and even to her members since we lost the fellowship bus to a fatal accident that claimed lives over a session ago. It is never a thing of joy to bring back such experience, but to emphasize the urgent need for a new bus for the fellowship. We are never proud to inform you that such a reputable fellowship like ours needs to hire the service of the institutions’ shuttle to convey our members to the north gate auditorium of the fellowship, expending so much week in week out.

One thing we will always be proud of; which was the impetus that drove us down to the northern portion of the institution is Aggressive Evangelism. In furtherance of the kingdom assignment and running with the vision ahead of us for the kingdom enlargement, the fellowship now runs two services simultaneously both at the south and north auditorium. Having the north auditorium under construction with a capacity of about 4500 worshippers. We sincerely request for your support for the completion of this multi-million project at north gate, bus project and also for some pressing needs of the fellowship as God blesses you.
Attached are some of the pressing needs that require urgent attention.

Thanks for your anticipated response. God bless you.


Section Description Unit price (#)
Wall speakers 35,000
Durable speakers 125,000
Cross over 40,000
Boom microphone 250,000
Ceiling speaker 13,000
Generator 60,000
Distribution box 30,000
Led light 5,000
Cam coder 85,000
Monitors 30,000
Canon camera 200,000
Rice 15,500
Beans 25,000
Spaghetti 1,800
Garri 6,000
Indomie 2,500
Groundnut oil 34,000
chairs 2,500

The ministry of music is of high spiritual calling and of great importance in the church. There have been testimonies of those who got saved through this great ministry and also of those who were drawn to the church as a result of this ministry. As important as this is, some things are lacking which are necessary for the effective working of this ministry in our great fellowship. Due to the fact that we even run two services both at the north and south auditorium simultaneously, we sometimes have to shuffle some of these instruments which are affecting the proper working of these instruments. To our fathers and mothers who are also passionate about this wonderful ministry, with a heartfelt plea, we deemed it fit to request for your help in a time like this. It is our prayer that the Lord will continually entrust unto your hands the riches of the kingdom in Jesus name. Below are the lists of some of the things we have need of:

TVM FINANCIAL BUDGET FOR THE SESSION (things needed in the unit)
Silken crash cymbal (drums)                                            #55,000
Jaguar drums microphone kit (drums)                             #50,000
Encore velom (drums)                                                     #6,000
New Combo                                                                    #150,000
Fan repair                                                                       #5,000
Drum stick                                                                     #3,000
Talking drum                                                                 #10,000
Lead Guitar                                                                   #50,000

TOTAL                                                                        #329,000


Over the years, it has always been a challenge on how to cater for the welfare of the fellowship and as it has always been the tradition to have a food bank for the fellowship where the food stuffs are then distributed to those in need a week before the exams which are not always sufficient. But we’ve discovered that many at times, within the semester some of our people don’t even have enough food during the semester let alone of waiting till exams approaches. We are bold to make our requests to you our fathers and mothers, knowing full well that you still carry us within the core of your hearts. We hereby humbly solicit for your help.

Welfare unit budget for 2017/2018 session

  1. Rice                               5bags                                            #77,500
  2. Beans                            3bags                                            #75,000
  3. Spaghetti                       5packs                                          #9,000
  4. Indomie                         6packs                                         #15,000
  5. Groundnut oil                25litres                                       #34,000


By the grace of God, the population of the fellowship has been ever increasing such that we do not have enough chairs to accommodate the population. Due to the fact the fellowship has been running two services simultaneously both at the south and north auditorium of the institution, we have had to move some of our chairs from the south gate arm of the fellowship to the north gate arm which has reduced the numbers of chairs we have presently. In order for us to solve this, we’ve had to borrow chairs from other fellowships around which has not been always effective due to the fact that they might hold services also especially on Sundays.

We’ve had different occasions where all the workers literally had to move out of the fellowship so that members can have a place to seat.  So as to prepare ourselves for the ever increasing population which is our sincere heart desire and prayer, we thought it well to solicit for your help

as this problem is addressed to the issue of chairs and offering envelopes. In fact during some of our services, people will have to stand both within the auditorium and some stand outside under the extension.

Items                     Quantity            unit price (#)                   total (#)

Chairs                    500pieces          2000                                0,000

Envelope               800pieces          200                                  160,00

This is also another important arm of the fellowship, but it is such that it is very fragile. Over the years, our brethren have been trying to manage all the equipments under the canopy of this unit but the sound system has pose a very big challenge to us which we feel that there is every reason for us to tackle this issue. The fellowship has had to spend a lot of money on the repair speakers over and over again due to the fact these instruments have life span. By the grace of God, we’ve been able acquire five (5) ceiling speakers at the rate of #13,000 each. Due to the ever increasing population, the numbers of manageable speakers we have are not enough to feed the church capacity in terms of the sound. Another very important aspect of this unit which we need to stress and address as urgently as possible is the issue of generator. Though a generator was acquired (put the specification of the generator and if possible the tenure it was acquired) for the fellowship but due to the fact its’ capacity cannot actually carry the load placed on it in terms of appliances it is being used for, it goes off many at times during our services which causes distraction during the services. Even though these are challenges, we believe that by the grace of God in your lives has you help us sirs and mas, and with effort the Lord has helped us to make, we shall overcome them in Jesus name. God bless you.

Tithe & Offering

Minimum payable amount NGN 100
* are compulsory

Or you can pay through the Bank Account Below: 
Bank Name : First Bank
Account Name : Redeemed Christian Fellowship

Account Number : 3015072051

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