3 June 2020
Series: Bible Study

The Old Man Cont'd

Speaker: VP. Daniel

Crucified: To put to death. Our status in Roman 6:2 depends on the action of Christ.
The first Time death was mentioned in the Bible was in relation to sin. Sin has always been tied to death.
The sting of death is sin
Even though Adam was living physically, he was dead(separation unto God)
So to restore back the relationship, death and live must be involved. John 5:40,John 6:33
The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation to Everyone that believes, so to experience the saving power of Christ, the requirement is to believe in the salvation experience.
The just are commanded to live by faith, so what is faith ?
Faith is accepting And acknowledging what God has said or done to be true.
Jesus died a true death Luke 23:46,John 19:28-30. The pain and the agony were real. The son of God was on the cross enduring a cursed death. Now if his death was true, the death of our old man is also true because we re crucified with him. Gal: 2:20.
Man in the scriptures means life. So old man equates to old life
So in the death of Christ also made us dead because we partook in his suffering by virtue of believing in him.