8 June 2020

The Secret Place

Speaker: VP. Victor

The secret place is a spiritual location where a believer have constant communion with God The secret place is our natural habitat as believers for us to function effectively in our Christian life Realities of God are revealed, and the believer comes into those experiences in the secret place Our successful Christian life as is dependent on the secret place The believer must be consistent, constant and give time in the secret place The secret place is important because the dealings of God with believers are peculiar to individuals, therefore there is need for us to have personal dealings in the secret place The actual and main encounters happen in the secret place. Example was the dealings of Paul(Gal 1: 11-18) You know God for yourself in the secret place Transformation happens only in the secret place The Major activities that happen in the secret place are Prayer and the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4) If the product of your Long hours of Bible Study and Prayers is More power and rhema, then you have missed it. If your mindset towards God’s word and Prayers is wrong, then what you are doing is Religion As much as power and rhema is needed, the Long hours of Bible Study and prayers should first transform you to be like Christ